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Derginin Adı : Journal of Midwifery and Nursing Studies
ISSN : 2797-4073
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Dergi Hakkında : ournal of Midwifery and Nursing Studies published by Aktabe is Akademi Kebidanan Tahirah Al Baeti Bulukumba (Midwifery Academy of Tahirah Al Baeti Bulukumba) cited in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. this Journal of Midwifery and Nursing Studies is a peer reviewed free open access journal. This professional journal provides a venue for the publication of research relevant to midwifery and nursing practiced by specialist and researchers in various disciplines including: Midwifery science Nursing informatics Reproductive health Maternal and child health Obsetetrics and gynecology Sexual health promotion Women’s health Public health Psychosocial and ethical aspects of women’s health Educational and counceling interventions in midwifery and nursing
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