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Derginin Adı : Експерт: парадигми юридичних наук і державного управління
ISSN : 2617-9660
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Dergi Hakkında : To the edition assigned the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2617-9660. The electronic scientific periodical edition "Expert: Paradigm of Legal Sciences and Public Administration" (hereinafter - Electronic Scientific Edition) was launched with the purpose of developing the national scientific potential in the field of law and public administration and its integration into the world scientific space, by publishing the results of research. The Electronic Scientific Edition is formed in accordance with the laws of Ukraine "On printed mass media (press) in Ukraine", "On publishing business", "On copyright and related rights", the Procedure for the formation of the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 15.01. 2018 No. 32, Statute of the Research Center for Forensic Examination on Intellectual Property, orders of the Director of the Research Center for Forensic Examination on Intellectual Property, the Charter of the Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher educational establishment the "Interregional Academy of Personnel Management", this Regulation and other documents. The publication of the materials in the Electronic Scientific Edition is subject to the authors' compliance with editorial requirements for scientific professional editions of Ukraine. Directions of Legal Sciences: 1. State-building and law-making. 2. Problems of Contemporary Constitutionalism. 3. Issues of public law. 4. Private law questions. 5. Procedural law. 6. Criminology 7. Criminalistics and forensic expertise. 8. Forensic examination on intellectual property issues. 9. International law. Directions of Public Administration: 1. Theory and history of public administration; 2. Functioning and development of mechanisms of public administration; 3. The Conceptual Principles of the Civil Service; 4. Regional administration and local government; 5. Public administration in the field of education; 6. Modern state-of-the-art technology.
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