Studia Humanitatis


Derginin Adı: Studia Humanitatis
Dergi Kayıt Tarihi: 1.11.2017
Dergi Hakkında: International Scientific Research Journal "Studia Humanitatis" was created at the beginning of 2013. The aim of the journal is to render assistance in the development of humanitarian education and science in Russia and abroad. The mission of this journal is to provide information about the state and prospects in development of humanitarian disciplines, humanitarian knowledge popularization, providing ground for humanitarians for publishing the results of their scientific activity and research, as well as information activity. One of the main purposes of "Studia Humanitatis" is the implementation of the international exchange of scientific knowledge, cooperation with national and foreign academic and educational centers with the aim of developing further integration in the field of humanitarian studies. "Studia Humanitatis" is a peer-reviewed online journal with a frequency of four issues per year (quarterly). Considering its multidisciplinary essence the journal publishes papers, reviews, opinions and other materials concerning humanitarian studies area. At present "Studia Humanitatis" has the following columns: “History”, “Pedagogical science”, “Political science”, “Theology”, “Philology”, “Philosophy”, “Psychology”.
ISSN: 2308-8079
Dergi Dili: English,Russian

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