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Derginin Adı: Studia Islamika
Dergi Kayıt Tarihi: 5.04.2016
Dergi Hakkında: STUDIA ISLAMIKA (ISSN 0215-0492; E-ISSN: 2355-6145) is an international journal published by the Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM) Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University of Jakarta, INDONESIA. It specializes in Indonesian Islamic studies in particular, and Southeast Asian Islamic studies in general, and is intended to communicate original researches and current issues on the subject. This journal warmly welcomes contributions from scholars of related disciplines. STUDIA ISLAMIKA has been accredited by The Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia as an academic journal (SK Dirjen Dikti No. 56/DIKTI/Kep/2012). STUDIA ISLAMIKA has become a CrossRef Member since year 2014. Therefore, all articles published by STUDIA ISLAMIKA will have unique DOI number. PPIM has entered into an electronic licensing relationship with EBSCO Information Services, the world's most prolific aggregator of full text journals, magazines and other sources. Therefore, the full text of STUDIA ISLAMIKA also can be found on EBSCO’s Arab World Research Source database and will soon be available on Humanities Source International once this collection launches.” STUDIA ISLAMIKA is indexed in Scopus since May 30, 2015.
ISSN: 0215-0492
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