Derginin Adı: Psychology Research on Education and Social Sciences
Cilt: 2020/1
Sayı: 1
Makale Başlık: Analysis of the Relation Between Social Anxieties and Parental Attitudes of the Adolescent High School Students
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 22.10.2021
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Makale Özeti: In this study, the relation between social anxiety levels of adolescents and perceived parental attitudes is aimed to be researched. This research was designed in accordance with correlational survey model which is one of the quantitative research models. Osmangazi district in city of Bursa was detected as the available universe of the research. Sample consists of 300 high-schoolers aged between 15-17 studying at Süleyman Çelebi Anatolian High School. As data collection tools, “Socio-Demographical Information Form” to detect socio-demographical features, the “Social Anxiety Scale for Adolescents” (SAS-A) to measure social anxiety levels of the students, “Parental Attitude Scale” to measure perceived parental attitudes were used. . “Parental Attitude Scale” contains subtests of “Democratic Attitude”, “Protective Demanding Attitude”, “Authoritarian Attitude”. SAS-A consists of Fear of Negative Evaluation (FNE), Social Fear and Discomfort-General (SFD-General) and Social Fear and Discomfort-New (SFD-New) subtests. Statistical techniques such as one-way analysis of variance in data analysis, Tukey’s multiple comparison test in subgroup comparisons, independent t test in comparison of dual-groups, chi square test in comparison of qualitative data were made use of. According to results of the research, it was revealed that there was positive relation between the social anxiety and protective demanding parental attitudes and authoritarian attitudes. It can be said that authoritarian and protective demanding parental attitudes increase the social anxiety. When socioeconomic status and gender of the participants were taken into consideration, it was observed that there was differentiation in social anxiety and parental attitudes
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