Cilt: 2018/6
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Makale Başlık: Book Review: "The Power of Mindful Learning"
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Makale Özeti: Mindful learning seems to be a theory of learning with a number of applications and implications in the realm of methodology and second language acquisition. It stands against the mindless, or rote, learning which makes the students passive, parroting some cliché with no real use in real life. In essence, a mindful approach provides students with noble opportunities to overcome the learning obstacles through discovering new perspectives. Mindfulness requires the students rely on their own abilities and experiences, recognize the advantages and disadvantage of their skills, and find out how and what to use in any given situation. To Langer (2016), it is the key role in deciphering the latent talents of students in learning how to learn. In her book, “The Power of Mindful Learning”, Ellen J. Langer. professor of psychology at Harvard University, tackles the approaches taken for granted for years yet, to the great extent, useless in practice. She further scratches new dimensions of learning and delves into their characteristics.
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