Cilt: 2018/6
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Makale Başlık: JALDA's Interview with Professor Adrian Holliday
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 3.06.2019
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Makale Özeti: Adrian Holliday is Professor of Applied Linguistics & Intercultural Education at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK where he directs PhD programs in Education and Applied Linguistics and has been the Head of The Graduate School between 2002 and 2017. Professor Holliday got his bachelors’ degree in Sociology from London University. He began his career in English Language Education in Iran in the early 1970’s at the British Council Centre in Tehran, and then managed a small British Council curriculum unit in Ahwaz. After completing his master’s degree in Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University, he set up educational projects in Syria and Egypt between 1980 and 1990, which provided the experience of the global politics of English and the ethnographic material that informed his PhD thesis at Lancaster University in 1991. Professor Holliday supervises PhD students in critical qualitative studies in the sociology and cultural politics of English language education and intercultural communication, where he has published widely including Understanding Intercultural Communication: Negotiating a Grammar of Culture (2nd Ed., 2018), Intercultural Communication: An Advanced Resource Book for Students (3rd Ed., 2016), Doing and Writing Qualitative Research (3rd Ed., 2016), (En)countering Native Speakerism: Global Perspectives (2015), Intercultural Communication and Ideology (2011) and The Struggle to Teach English as an International Language (2005). JALDA has hosted Professor Holliday in a scholarly conversation with Dr. Bahram Behin, who himself is a fanatic upholder of Holliday’s thoughts in conducting courses in the socio-culture of English language teaching.
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