Cilt: 2015/1
Sayı: 4
Makale Başlık: Coping strategies of medical students in difficult life situations.
Makale Alternatif Dilde Başlık: Копинг-стратегии студентов-медиков в сложных жизненных ситуациях
Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 1.2.2016
Okunma Sayısı: 2
Makale Özeti: A pressing problem today is the need for a dynamic individual adaptation to rapid changes in society. Particularly important is the issue of finding ways to have an effective impact on promoting young people’s ability to overcome difficult situations. The article reviews the socialization and psychological health of medical students, the success of which depends on the choice of coping strategies for solving difficult life situations. Life situations stimulate the personal growth, promote the human development, the achievement of new forms of balanced relationship of the indi-vidual with the environment, promote the moral sta-bility and persistence. They arise in the case of imbalance in the relations of the individual and its environment; or correspondence between the goals, aspirations and their feasibility and personality qua-lities. Such situations stimulate the activity of the hu-man and are the factor of the emergence of increased requirements to skills and personal potential. The main feature of the article is that we empirically examined the coping strategies of 1st year medical students in Bukovina State Medical University. We used a technique of J. Amirhan “The indicator of coping strategies”. The idea of this questionnaire is that all behavioral strategies that are formed in the course of human life can be divided into three groups: a strategy of solving problems, finding social support strategy, the strategy of avoidance. The types of difficult life situations faced by the person during early adulthood were identified as a result of our empirical study, and namely situations where relationship problems occur, interpersonal interaction; situations of worsening problems of personal development; situations of actual activity, certain actions of duties; threats and risks to health and life.
Alternatif Dilde Özet: В статье рассмотрели вопросы социализации, психологического здоровья студентов-медиков, ус-пешность которых зависит и от выбора копинг-стратегий разрешения сложных жизненных ситуаций. В работе исследовали особенности типичных сложных жизненных ситуаций у студентов-медиков и опре-делили копинг-стратегии их преодоления. В результате нашего эмпирического исследования определены типы сложных жизненных ситуаций, с которыми сталкивается личность в период раннего совершеннолетия, а именно: ситуации, в которых проявляются проблемы взаимоотношений, межлич-ностного взаимодействия; ситуации обострения проб-лем собственного личностного развития; ситуации, связанные с актуальной деятельностью, выполнением определенных действий, обязанностей; угрозы и риски для здоровья и жизни.

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