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Derginin Adı : Asian Journal of Islamic Management
ISSN : 27222330
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Dergi Hakkında : The Asian Journal of Islamic Management (AJIM) is a peer-review journal publishes quality and in-depth analysis on current issues within Asia and Islamic management topics. The journal publishes twice a year every June and December. AJIM welcomes strong and original evidence-based empirical studies on the aspect of Islamic management in the Asia context. The journal is open-accessed for scholarly readers. The following are suggested areas of interest, but not limited to: Marketing of Islamic financial products and services Halal supply chain and operations management Halal tourism and hospitality management Halal foods, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries Muslim consumer behavior, segmentation, targeting, positioning Religiosity of consumers, employees, leaders, managers, suppliers Islamic codes of conduct and ethics in management Islamic leadership and followership, leader-member relations Takaful, zakah (charity) and waqf management Riba, gharar, maisir Islam, technology and management Digital marketing, financial technology, e-recruitment Islam, competition, coopetition and strategic management Islam, cross-culture and management Value chain management and customer satisfaction Islamic lean manufacturing, and operations
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